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The Biggest Weight Loss Mistake

Nothing is more frustrating than working your booty off to see NO results. 

Especially if you're already unhappy with your body, this can make things even more frustrating. 

Good news- I've helped over a thousand women who are in the same position as you! See, when women come to me they are burnt out. When we want to lose weight, we are told to cut calories, cut carbs, no sugar, no gluten/no dairy, run a lot, never miss a workout, drink a gallon of water, do hundreds of crunches. And when that doesn't work? Those pesky ads start popping up "Take this fat burner pill to lose weight" with a unrealistic transformation photo of when someone was bloated and wasn't... OR take this juice cleanse that is full of sugar... 

So not only are you chasing the next best weight loss fad and get frustrated when nothing works out, you are probably wasting a lot of money on products that won't do the trick. 

Something I've learned in my 26 years- if it's free, cheap, or's...

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Whether it’s with friends, significant others, or even your kids, I constantly hear the phrase, “create boundaries.” It was only recently that I discovered the full importance of creating this space of understanding with the people around you in order to protect and maintain your energy. I feel as women especially, it’s difficult to create boundaries with certain people because of the stereotype and generational idea that women are here to serve. I know that for me, I have struggled for years to create healthy boundaries for myself, mainly because I didn’t want to be a “bitch,” or come off as “rude,” or “insensitive.” I’ve allowed my insecurity of being accepted to cloud my judgement of what is more important. So I want to talk about and walk through what boundaries are, and how to peacefully communicate with those you are creating boundaries with so that there is a mutual understanding. 

What are...

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Poetic Intermission


New Growth

Basking in the sun

Feeling reptilian

I had almost forgotten what it felt like.

Cool moss below my feet

Potting soil caked deep in my fingernails

Microbial contractors

I can feel the serotonin rushing in.

Its meditative work

Pulling invaders from the beds where our fruits used to be

Turning the dirt to uncover the welcomed

Wriggly guests

My sons belly laugh fills the bird song air

Is this what it feels like to be brought back to life?

Discarding old roots

Replanting new ones

To blossom into a new



Will I have more appreciation for the showers now?

Knowing they are essential for growth 

But guilty for keeping me trapped 

Hiding the ultraviolet rays from me


Cold and pale.

I beg for the release of the sun

My body feels disconnected

The earth seems so far away

Air roots forming at my fingertips

Attempting connection

To breathe the air

Without getting wet.

But hope has overcome my imprisoned mind

My body can feel the tingling of...

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Shame Shame Shame

Shame is an emotion we have all felt in one way or another. Whether it be from our parents as children when we did something wrong, or when we are called out by a stranger for something we did unintentionally. It ranges, it changes from person to person. We can act as though it doesn’t affect us, but in an age of social media and stereotypes and labels, we have all felt it and maybe even caused it in one way or another. It has become a disease that riddles the world we live in. You don’t have to be a public figure to feel this, sometimes it can be present in your own home by the people you love the most. My generation was the first to experience cyber bullying and shaming. As the internet and social media soared, as smart phones and tablets and computers were purchased off of the shelves, bullies were given a new outlet to create havoc and terror to those around them without showing their faces. They could be anonymous, they could be outspoken, and they could be the...

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What's in a Man

Yesterday someone I follow on instagram posted something on their stories that really upset me. Actually several things, but one thing in particular that really hit me right in the core and brought a lot of irritation and frustration out. So much so I wanted to message this person and explain how what they posted is ridiculously hurtful and detrimental, however I took a step back and thought about what they generally post and realized that no matter what I say, they aren’t the listening type. I can’t change the way that they see the world or people, and coming from a woman may continue to push them further into the opinion that they originally shared. However I did inquire what they meant by this post, just out of sheer curiosity, but of course, they never responded. Here is what they posted:

“Make men more masculine, make women for feminine.”

Shared aside this particular quote were many other slides about gender identity and sexuality. As someone who is...

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Female Friendships Pt.2

Last week we touched on female friendships and some of the hardships that can come with those relationships. I covered how lifestyle change and our own personal journeys can affect our relationships with our friends, and how our different paths can make it difficult to maintain a friendship if there isn’t clear communication and trust. I talked about how fear and our personal insecurities can play a large factor in the longevity of our relationships as well, allowing them to create anxiety and distance amongst the people we love. I gave personal examples from my childhood and late teens that really played a factor in how I look at my relationships now, and how I look at making new friendships.

The conclusion of it all: it’s not easy.

Not easy to make new friends, and not easy to maintain the friendships you do have when life gets in the way and not easy to bear when things go badly. I made the analogy that our close female relationships are just like a romantic one,...

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Female Friendships Pt. 1

This morning I went down a rabbit hole that I intended to have a simple answer, but was met with more conflicting opinions and information than I initially predicted. I guess it was my own fault, I should have known that what I was researching would inevitably be far more complex than I thought. Regardless, I think it is something that should be touched on because it is something I know most women struggle with and/or deal with at one point in their life. It is a topic bloggers touch on often, especially female authors, because as writers this is how we process our thoughts and how we work through and make sense of what is happening around us. I have found interesting view points from several different writers, and though this topic was included in their blog, they felt that it was a more in depth issue and needed further explanation and research which resulted in them writing an entire book about it. I myself have my own personal view point on this subject, but suddenly felt the...

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It is safe to say that this last year and more than likely this coming year have been, and will be challenging.

Everything we know is changing.

We see the world with new eyes. The relationships around us have become broken in a way; human connection has become terrifying. For those of us who dread change, we have been thrown into an alternate reality that still seems too skewed to be real, and we cover our internal suffering with humor, disbelief and denial. There are always tragedies around the world, even as close as down the street, but we never think it will be us. We never think it will hit home. As human beings we are naturally cocky, born into ego and given no sense of mortality until it hits us right in the face. So when surrounded by death, despair, and consistent struggle, our minds and bodies don’t know how to process the magnitude of the reality around us.

It is natural, it is human.

There are those that jump right in, ready to face the change, ready and...

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Have you Tried Everything to Lose Weight?

I have a lot of women come to me in desperation, they are so FRUSTRATED, and over the fact they've tried everything to lose weight and just can't. 

Cutting carbs, skipping their favorite coffee drink or Girls Night Out, running every single day, even weight lifting + trying every different workout, Pinterest flat abs in 7 days, spending outrages amounts of money on a cleanse that swears you'll lose weight, Keto, Paleo, No Sugar, ETC. 

Girl, please take a deep breathe. I understand you. I've done all of those above + probably even more. 

Every time I pulled up Google to search something it already knew it was something weight loss related (YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN).. I was determined to lose the weight I just need someone to tell me an easy and quick way to do it. 

I even wrapped myself in Saran Wrap/a waist trainer and did fasted cardio every morning with two sweatshirts on (which LOL does work but it's just water weight) 

Here I am 50 pounds down (TWICE)...

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My Walk Through Hell.

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is something I always thought only veterans who spent years in a war were diagnosed with. 

Not something I ever expected a therapist to tell me was a result of my relationship. 

This isn't my typical fitness/positive kind of content. This is something that's hard to spill. Something so painful to me that actually haunts me every single day. 

This is my story about spending 2 years in a relationship with a narcissist. 

If you don't know the term, google it. Or keep reading- 

Maybe you'll have a "light bulb" moment like I finally did after 2 years.

Although when you are in a relationship like this you aren't actually blind sided. You KNOW what's happening, but you refuse to come to terms with it. At least that's how I was. Every time my mind started to drift to the thought that the man I loved so much and wanted to spend the rest of my life with might actually be the worst thing that's ever happened to me I...

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