How Hanna Lost 20lbs & Stopped Yo-Yo Dieting

macros nutrition coaching online weight loss coach Jun 19, 2023

Hanna came to me unhappy with her body after gaining weight when she got married. 

She loved going out with her husband for ice cream dates and enjoying other sweets. However, she always felt so guilty afterwards, she wanted to lose weight and knew what she needed to do but didn't have the motivation. 

After working together very 1:1 for 90 days Hanna got a much better understanding of food and what feels and works best for HER. I coached her through the unhealthy relationship she built around food (that so many of us develop) and taught her that food=fuel. 

I teach my clients the 80/20 rule. 

This means, 80% of the time you are eating whole and nutritious foods like lots of vegetables/whole grains/good sources of protein (things that your body needs and keeps you full) then 20% of the time you can enjoy your favorite sweets/foods that aren't as nutritionally dense.  

I don't believe in restriction diets. This can cause binge eating and developing an unheatlhy relationship with food by causing you to feel guilt when you break your diet and eat something you are craving. 

As humans when we can't have something, we typically want it more. 

But when you allow yourself to have these sweets in moderation and know that you are getting enough exercise and nutritious foods, you can release the guilty emotions around these food groups. 

In fact, most of the time when you start eating better and working out, you crave "junk food" less. 

It's all about reshaping your habits and learning what feels and works best for YOU. 

I've worked with hundreds of women on their nutrition journey and almost none of them have the same plan, as everyone has a completely different life, body, and schedule. 

I work to help YOU find what can fit into your LIFESTYLE. 

Want to enjoy ice cream dates without guilt? 
Want to eat at a BBQ instead of watching everyone else? 
Want to be a good example & show your kids what a good relationship with food looks like? 
Want to have energy & better focus because you are eating enough (and good) food throughout the day? 

Let's work together!

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