How Sarah Went From Only Wearing Baggy Shirts to Being Confident in a Crop Top And Her Wedding Dress

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Sarah came to me about 6 months before her wedding with a goal of feeling GOOD in her wedding dress. 

For years she was trying everything to lose weight, but nothing was working or helping her feel confident again. 

She hid behind baggy shirts, had an unhealthy relationship with food, and didn't have energy to keep up with her kiddos. 

It was effecting her every day life. 

I started off like I always do and had Sarah track her food intake so I can see what she was normally eating. 

She was barely hitting 1,000 calories (pretty typical for my busy moms) she was never trying to "starve herself" she just wasn't hungry. Which happens when your body adapts to eating very little, your appetite gets suppressed and it learns to run on a little amount of food. 

I call this, barely surviving..NOT thriving. 

There's this thing called "BMR" Basal Metabolic Rate, which basically means the amount of calories your body needs to perform at its best. Many of us are eating LESS than this, which can cause lack of energy, weight gain due to high cortisol levels/ insulin issues/ or poor eating choices when we are hungry, stunt in nail and hair growth (even lead to hair LOSS), infertility and menstrual issues, always feeling fatigued and tired. 

Food is very important. Taking your nutrition seriously is very important. 

 When I first calculated Sarah's BMR it was at 1,800 calories. She was eating nearly 1,000 calories under this every day for a long period of time.

Now- online calculators can be amazing for things like figuring out your BMR and Macros..however, you need to work up slow and know where your maintenance caloric intake is at (the amount of calories you are currently eating with no results) 

If I had her jump from 800 to 1,800 calories immediately she would gain weight and probably feel sick from being so full. Because remember, your appetite is shot when you get into a habit of not eating a lot. 

So we started with a goal of hitting 1,200 calories consistently (a couple hundred than what she normally was at) this wasn't a STRICT goal as we eventually wanted her calories HIGHER. She was encouraged to listen to her body! 

That is why I like to teach my clients to track and pay attention to macronutrients (carbs, fat, protein) so you can learn to read labels and see how food makes you feel. 

We were all born with the ability to listen to our body and stop eating when we were full, eat when we were hungry, and know exactly what we wanted and didn't want. If you have kids- think about them, they probably tell you all of this every day, right? 

But, as with everything, our parents/adults around us start to influence our decisions and maybe even eating habits. This continues to change as we get older and dependent on our environment, job, schedule, habits, etc. 

Maybe you grew up in a household where you had to finish your plate even when you said you were full. 
Maybe you grew up around lots of sweets and not being in sports. 
Maybe you grew up with adults who were always dieting, or friends, and you learned to restrict food intake. 
Maybe you grew up an athlete who had to have a special diet. 
Maybe you got bullied for your body or eating habits somewhere in your life. 
Maybe you worked so much you didn't have time to eat. 
Maybe you didn't have the money for food. 
Maybe you never learned anything about nutrition and just don't know what your body needs.

There can be a number of things that shape are eating habits. This is NOTHING to be ashamed about. I had a lot of different beliefs and some of the above happen to me in my life. I didn't learn all of this until I started my education as a trainer and nutrition specialist. 

So, I worked very 1:1 with Sarah to help her understand more about nutrition and how to eat quick and delicious meals when she was busy breastfeeding and being a mom! 

Paired with this nutrition support, she was also following my 30 minute workouts (all inside my 12 week program) 

In the 90 days, Sarah hit her goals and even had to get her dress ALTERED because she slimmed down so much! 

She walked down the aisle feeling so confident and happy!! Something she didn't think was possible just 6 months prior. 

I'm so glad Sarah reached out to me after following me on Facebook for so long. I'm so happy I was able to help her feel amazing on her special day and love all the photos she got taken on her wedding day, but most importantly.. I'm so glad I was able to coach her through her nutrition so now she has the knowledge to change her lifestyle, FOREVER. 

YEARS later and Sarah is still following my 12 week program as I give everyone lifetime access! 

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