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Casey Marie

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Helping women regain their strength + confidence through fitness


I remember being 30lbs over weight…

I had no idea what to do in the gym or what to eat. I spent years of trial + error. 

❌ Working out for 3 hours and never missing a day. 

❌  Skipping meals + eating salads. 

❌ Running 3 miles a day even though I HATED it. 

❌ Spending hundreds of $$ on cleanses, diet pills, + fat burners just to gain it back. 

❌ Trying all the Pinterest “Water Cleanses” + “Lose 10lbs in one week" plans. 

❌ Spending THOUSANDS on different trainers, programs, and an education. 

I finally figured it out. After 4 long years of losing weight to gain it back. All the time + money wasted. The frustration I endured while working my booty off to still be uncomfortable in my own skin. I cracked the code + it’s much easier than everything listed above. 

All that time + money I spent to learn how the body really works, I now use to help other women lose weight + regain their strength + confidence through Fitness. 

I put Curvy in Thirty together so you no longer have to wonder how to lose weight. You don’t have to make the same mistakes + waste money with products/programs/people that don’t work. 

In 12 weeks I show you exactly what you need to do + know in order to lose weight and keep it off. 

With Curvy in Thirty 

You have all the resources you need to lose weight at home ON your phone. 

You will have access to the exclusive Curvy in Thirty website where all your workouts will be laid out for you. Each day I tell you what workout you should be doing. You will just press play + follow along the 30 minute video.

Along with the workouts you get access to the Nutrition Vault where we have numerous resources + guides to help you with recipes, grocery shopping, eating out, snack guides, ETC. (as well as your personalized nutrition plan + recommendations) 

Ready to join us?

Choose a subscription plan and get instant access to everything the CIT Community has to offer!

We can't wait to meet you!

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