From barely surviving to thriving

I'm sharing this because I know I'm not the only one who has felt this way before. 


So my story is a little different, I'll make it short but we need to start from the beginning. 

All my life I was athletic and very active, I stayed very petite while I was younger, however being in swimming and gymnastics (and given the tiny suits you have to wear) I developed some sort of eating disorder- or at least I tried. I'd try to not eat in order to get skinny. From age 10-17, how sad? So this is a NEWSFLASH- Our young girls are STRUGGLING and we don't even know. 

So college hit and I became the "party girl" my parents got a divorce and I moved out. My parents never really smothered me. When I was in the house, 5 miles a way, or 1,900 they just let me do my thing + it's normal for me to go weeks without hearing from them. 

As an 18 year old living on my own I drank a lot and ate out a lot. I randomly gained A LOT of weight. I never knew what to do in the gym because I was an athlete! 

I met a guy who worked out often and his ex bullied me BAD. She'd send me pictures of myself saying he could never love a girl with a gut like that and just awful things. 

I got my ass in the gym. I figured it out. I'd go at 9pm, I'd youtube workouts, I would just SHOW UP EVERY DAY. Then my starving tendencies came back. I'd lift weights for an hour, RUN for an hour, and eat very little mainly salads. I became obsessed. I lost 40 pounds in 3ish months. I worked very hard and was very strict. 

Then I moved out of town with my bf but found out he was doing a lot of things behind my back, this broke me once again. I was in a new town with new people and newly 21. I partied HARD. I went to the gym every once in a while but it was in no competition of my McDonald's, Bagel, Beer diet. I was drinking myself to death. I hated myself and life so much I literally wished I would get so drunk I wouldn't wake up. I know that sounds very dark, but I'm just showing you how awful of a place I was. 

I gained even more weight than I did before. My hair was nasty and greasy, my face was broken out, I slept ALL THE TIME, I worked 80 hour weeks and had no money left over, it was normal for me to blow through a $100 tab at the bar (for myself), I'd black out every night- I've stayed till Closing Time numerous times and I still never remember what it's like, I couldn't even walk my hips were so messed up from all the weight I gained, I LIMPED so bad! I remember thinking if someone was to try to kidnap me I could PHYSICALLY NOT RUN AWAY. I was struggling with my blood sugars (diabetes runs in the family) and I was actually sick for 6 months. My ears were so plugged I couldn't hear anything, I went shooting and didn't even need ear plugs. My health was spiraling down, QUICKLY.

I had this dream of competing in a bodybuilding show, I talked about it for years.. 

One day I stopped by the local supplement shop and said I wanted to compete in 7 months. Dominic, the store owner was the ONLY PERSON who didn't laugh at me. He gave me a connection to a coach and told me what I needed to do. 

In that moment I completely changed my life around. I stopped drinking, I meal prepped, and I picked up ANOTHER job to pay for a trainer. I showed up every day at 5am even when I was so tired and sore that I couldn't walk. 

I just wanted to compete I had no idea that losing 50 pounds would change my entire life. My relationships got better, my energy levels were through the roof, I excelled in both of the jobs I worked at (literally same week got a raise in both), I passed my personal training exam and STARTED A BUSINESS, I was finally happy. 

So many people talk about how losing weight isn't everything and that you need "body positivity" you need to love yourself no matter what! To some degree I totally agree BUT if you've been in the same situation as I was you know it is so, so, so hard to love yourself and see the positive when you can't bear to look in the mirror anymore. 

When you brush your arm past your stomach and feel more than you use to. 

When you take a picture and cry because you thought you looked "okay" today. 

When you smile and notice your face is a little puffier than usual or your double chin won't go away. 

When you put on your favorite outfit and it no longer fits, then you go through your entire closet and NOTHING looks good. 

When you don't even want your partner seeing you or touching you because you're afraid they'll be disgusted with how you "let yourself go" 

When you don't want to be in your home town because people will say "whoah what happened to her" 

I know that sometimes you really do need to lose some weight to love yourself and get back to a good place. It's what I and the hundreds of women I have worked with so far needed. 

And that's why I'm here, to help you lose the unwanted weight in a safe and sustainable way that doesn't consume your life.

In a way you can still enjoy date nights, ice cream with your kids, and a drink with your girlfriends. 

If this resonated with you girl, know that I am here for you. 

I hear you + I understand you. 

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