Have you Tried Everything to Lose Weight?

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I have a lot of women come to me in desperation, they are so FRUSTRATED, and over the fact they've tried everything to lose weight and just can't. 

Cutting carbs, skipping their favorite coffee drink or Girls Night Out, running every single day, even weight lifting + trying every different workout, Pinterest flat abs in 7 days, spending outrages amounts of money on a cleanse that swears you'll lose weight, Keto, Paleo, No Sugar, ETC. 

Girl, please take a deep breathe. I understand you. I've done all of those above + probably even more. 

Every time I pulled up Google to search something it already knew it was something weight loss related (YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN).. I was determined to lose the weight I just need someone to tell me an easy and quick way to do it. 

I even wrapped myself in Saran Wrap/a waist trainer and did fasted cardio every morning with two sweatshirts on (which LOL does work but it's just water weight) 

Here I am 50 pounds down (TWICE) yes, I lost weight + then gained it back because I didn't do it in a sustainable way and then I finally figured it out. But it wasn't until I paid a lot of money for a trainer, education, and my certifications. 

So for FREE I'm going to give you a run down here of what I do for my clients and myself and how it works. 

For a fraction of the price I've paid I can SHOW you and GUIDE you to lose weight for good! Book a Call to Learn more about Coaching

So I'm going to make things so simple + easy for you. 

First, establish your goal. Are you wanting to lose weight or gain muscle (or both) I like to set a time frame too. My coaching programs are 90 days so we usually set a goal to establish in those 90 days. The majority of my clients lose 20lbs in those 90 days. 

Next figure out WHY you want to achieve this. Why do you want to lose 20lbs? WHY are you choosing now to start with a trainer? How are you going to feel after you lose the 20lbs? 

Second, DON'T MAKE CHANGES TO YOUR DIET JUST YET. Download the free app "MyFitnessPal" and track exactly what you eat for a whole week. Again don't make any changes while you do this. It's important to see what you're consuming + how many calories you eat daily. After a week take your average of calories (add them all together and divide by how many days so 7) this is your maintenance calories. So the amount of calories you eat and not lose/gain weight. To lose weight you need to eat 200-500 calories less. This is where Maggie our registered dietitian comes in! She will educate you on everything you need to know and you will have professional creating your nutrition plan, not some instagram influencer. 

Third, Take it day by day. So many people get WAY too excited and want to see instant results so they try to do everything at once. This will only lead to burnout. You don't need to change your diet, cut out sugar, cut out your favorite Starbucks drink, cut out bread, workout for hours, ETC. I always tell my clients to strive for 1% better every day. Even if that 1% was just drinking more water than you did yesterday. When you try to change everything at once, you face burnout. 

This fit babe came to me under eating and wondering why the HECK she wasn't losing any weight after trying for so long. I analyzed her diet, gave her 30 min workouts she could squeeze in to her busy mom life, and 4 months later she was down 20lbs while eating the most she ever has! 

 Here's another busy momma who just didn't have the motivation to get her workouts done and didn't know what to eat. Sometimes you just need a plan and someone to tell you- okay start here. 

I don't just work with moms! Although I help a lot because the workouts are so easy to fit into a busy schedule (just press play on a 30 min video) I have a lot of women ages 18-74 who all get great results in the 90 days. Everyone who comes to me just doesn't know what to do in order to reach their goal. Like this babe above- she thought she was eating too much, but after tracking her food our registered dietitian was able to see what nutrients she was lacking. Paired with Maggie's nutrition plan and my 30 min workouts she lost 25lbs! 

Those are just a few of the hundreds of women who have gotten results in the 12 weeks they came to me! 

My coaching and programming is fairly simple. Nothing extreme, you can still enjoy pizza or wine nights, you can enjoy eating ice cream with your kiddo, and I won't add a bunch of cardio to your already busy life. Just grab a pair of dumbbells and follow along the workouts at home PLUS kiddos LOVE watching and following along :) 


To learn more about my coaching and how I can help you reach your fitness goal, schedule a call below. 

Like I said in the beginning, I KNOW how frustrating it is to try everything and not be able to get the body you want. I promise it doesn't have to be hard and you don't have to live your days feeling uncomfortable in your body. 

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