Why You’re Not Losing Weight

So you’ve been working out every day + you even cut out sugar…but you’re just not losing any weight!!!

This can be a very frustrating thing. You’re putting all this hard work in but nothing is coming from it… 

 There’s a couple things we need to look at: 

  • What are you putting into your body? Do you know how many calories you are eating AND drinking? Some people believe that if they are eating “healthy” they can eat whatever they want.. which is wrong. Science is if you eat more calories then you burn then you will gain weight even if those calories come from broccoli and chicken. 


  • Are you getting enough movement through out the day? Are you sitting at a desk all day? Then I suggest cardio at the gym or going for a walk. Reaching your daily NEAT is very important in a weight loss journey 


  • How is your stress and sleep? These are two factors not a lot of people take into consideration.. Lack of sleep will effect your energy and makes your body produce more of cortisol (a stress hormone, so stress isn’t good either) Cortisol makes you crave more “junk and comfort food” when you’re tired you also opt for more sleep skipping a workout and probably more caffeine and less water. Studies show that if you go more than 4 days sleep deprived your body's ability to produce insulin drops by 30%. Insulin is a hormone that regulates your blood sugar by breaking down sugar and starches into energy. 
    So in sum: lack of sleep and more stress can make you eat more + throw off your hormones. 


  • The last thing I want to touch on is how is your mindset? If you keep saying “I’m never going to lose this weight screw it” you’re more likely to skip your workout + opt for Netflix. 
    If you have a positive mindset and tell yourself “I know this isn’t a sprint it’ll take sometime” you’re more likely to stick with it on your hard days. 

Just know that weight loss can take time. It’s different for every person.. Some people drop weight ASAP, some take months. 

When I started my weight loss journey the first couple months I didn’t notice much, it was super discouraging my progress photos stayed the same.. But I kept pushing because I had a goal I wanted to accomplish! It took almost 4 months to notice anything! Within 6 months I lost 50 pounds. 

If you ever have any fitness questions my inbox is always open! I am a women’s weight loss expert + love helping! 

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