How to Bust Your Sweet Tooth Craving

You've been following your diet to a T all week and then... it happens. You walk into the office to see someone brought in doughnuts. WHAT WHY!? You walk past them, giving your co worker a glare as she says "help yourself!" 


You did SO well. You just fought off the temptation, for now. Time goes by and you just keep thinking about the doughnut. You feel this guilt for wanting it so bad. So you finally go to cave, I'll just take ONE bite. But now they are gone! WOO that was close! You didn't even have to cave, good job! 

The day goes by and you eat your prepped meal you brought to work. Dry chicken, veggies, and rice...yum. Still craving something sweet but this is all you have. You just drink your water and eat your food because your sticking to your plan. I'm very proud of you! 

But now work is over and you have to run into the grocery store. You walk past the bakery and smell cookies so you just walk through.. pick up a case of brownies and keep moving. You feel so guilty grabbing those brownies that it's almost like you're stealing! It feels like everyone's eyes are on you, judging you. 

You check out and now you're in the car SCARFING down the brownies before you get home. You feel so sick to your stomach from all the sugar and guilt that you could cry, but you can't stop it feels so good. "It's okay I'll just be stricter tomorrow" 

Does this sound familiar? I've done this multiple times and let me tell you, it sucks. This is how we get in a bad relationship with food. See it's just a brownie or a doughnut or a slice of pizza. We shouldn't let food have control of us and so much guilt tied to it. 

I'm going to teach you how to break this sweet tooth and how to STOP FEELING GUILTY for indulging....

It's very simple...

Eat it every day.

Whatever you seem to break your diet and binge on I want you to have a small portion every day. 

Not a sugar free, modified version. The real thing. 

Now you're teaching your brain that it's a normal thing just like the chicken and vegetables you eat every day. Once you get out of the mindset of "restriction" then you won't even care for it. You'll be able to control yourself and not find yourself in the bottom of the cookie jar when nobody is looking... 

So whatever may be your "weakness" I want you to have a little every day. 

The problem people face when they want to lose weight is that they want to CUT EVERYTHING OUT AT ONCE. But then you're just miserable and constantly thinking about the food you can't have and you just fail... 

This way you can enjoy a brownie mid day or maybe ice cream at night and the portion will slowly get smaller because you know that you're not going to go a whole week or whatever without it! 

Sounds crazy, I know.. but this is how I've taught so many women to lose weight and still enjoy their life :) 

I teach them to track their macros so they know what and how much they are consuming and can EASILY fit in their favorite dessert. 

If you want to learn how to say FU to all the restrictive diets and start losing weight on a FLEXIBLE lifestyle, then book a call with me below! 

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