January 1st is Just an Excuse to be Lazy

Yes, I said it. I'm AALLLL for the New Year's Resolutions BUT stop using that as an excuse to slack off in December. 


See, your health is very important. It's something that should be top priority, always. Even if you don't have weight loss goals. 


I think some people forget that you need to exercise daily and to eat food that gives you nutrients just to live well. 


I think it's ridiculous we put other things before our health. Jobs, social events, taking care of kids (i get this but WHO will take care of them when you can't function properly?), relationships.. 

You have ONE BODY and ONE LIFE that body is suppose to get you through life. What happens when you get sick or you're in so much pain you can't take care of your kids and spouse? What happens when you can't work your job because your health is declining? You see.. Your health should be #1 and everything else will fall behind it. 


So I say START NOW. Stop saying "OH when the stress from the Holidays is over" because let's be honest.. January 1st is just like any other normal day and USUALLY everyone is hung over + the gyms are packed so it's going to turn into January 3rd or 6th lol. 


How about you find a plan you can stick to? My clients are feeling and LOOKING great! They work multiple jobs, they have children, they have significant others who like to eat cheetos and drink beer, they have SOCIAL LIVES. But they stick with it every day because I'm there cheering them on! 


Are you ready? let's hop on a quick call to do a lifestyle and time audit! We'll see what's going on and how we can get you to your goals FASTER + EASIER ;) 

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