How I started my Online (Personal Training) Business + Doubled What I Made During a 9-5

I got inspired to start a business when I read a article on someone (I can't remember her name or business) about 3 years ago. I was working a full time job (that paid well) Mon-Thurs (4 10's) and a part time job Friday-Sunday. I wanted to make money and pay off my debt. I was always tired, but I loved to work. I never thought of being an entrepreneur and NOT working for someone, that was never a goal of mine. I just wanted to work more + make more. 

I thought maybe if I share my story it can inspire you too. Everyone starts somewhere so my best advice would be to JUST DO IT. Dive in. Tell everyone what you're doing + just keep going. 

I have had so many people laugh at me in the beginning and even now 2 years down the road. People will always have something to say. It's usually the ones closest to you too. I had so many friends and family mock me, and still do. My mom FINALLY stopped asking me when I was going to "get a real job"

So 3 years ago- I read this article on this women who worked a lot like I did but she was very passionate in making swim suits, she had a business and would come home every night from work and make them. She was always busy but she lived off of her 9-5 income and her business income went back into making more suits + growing her business, eventually her business was making enough money for her to leave her 9-5. 


I was inspired by this. I had just passed my NASM personal training test and wanted so badly to do THAT. I asked around at so many different gyms and I saw people posting ebooks and workouts on Instagram (it was still pretty new) so I got creative and created a "4 Week Guide" that I PRINTED and put in some sparkly paper. I sold this for $20 and I actually made about 30 of them, I was SO excited... but they cost me way more than I thought between paper, ink, and shipping I made about $4 per book. 

So I decided to try this online thing. I saw people would create a Facebook group and release workouts every day for 4 weeks with videos. They'd encourage each other through there, this was really big at the time (and still is) I ran my first ever "Bikini Bod 4 Week Challenge" it was $40. I got 13 people to sign up! I was over the moon! 

Whoever stayed the most consistent won a "free month of 1:1 coaching" At the end of the 4 weeks I had some great testimonials and my first actual client (even if it was free) 

I created workouts through Google Docs + emailed them over. I knew shit about nutrition (and I highly suggest you don't make a plan unless you've actually studied it) I admit that I tried and made really crappy meal plans, all I knew was prep diet... NOT GOOD My client who won for free went on to pay me for the next month, I charged her and multiple other people $50 a month. 

A couple months went by as I grew this little business, I created a name for myself. My instagram name was Caseyfitcakes, it was a joke my friend said a long time ago but it seemed DIFFERENT and fun. So I became Fitcakes Fitness. I didn't want to be "Casey Fitness" or something blan like everyone else. 

At the time I was a bikini competitor and was sponsored my Max Nutrition, the owner saw my integrity and got me a job training at the Gold's Gym in town. I was the first female trainer in a very long time! I got very popular. I wanted to spend all of my time at the gym talking to people and selling myself (I was an independent contractor) so I quit my full time job to pursue this. Side note, I worked up to this point. I worked 68 days STRAIGHT, sold my jeep to get out of debt + put away at least $3k in savings. I knew my business would work but I wanted to be prepared. 

I ended up moving and losing my gym job. So I moved strictly ONLINE. I showed up on my stories more, posted a lot, tried to grow my instagram following, and spent $3k on a business coach I had been following for a very long time. 

I want to touch on 2 things. 

1. Growing your following "just because" doesn't do ANYTHING. I use to have 12k followers on instagram because I hired somebody to do the follow/unfollow method + that just got me a lot of guys who'd hit on me basically. I work with women, not men. So that doesn't do any good for my business. I highly suggest taking the time to message women who you want to work with and build a relationship with them (don't ever ever cold message) I now have 8k followers due to deleting a lot and I am making FAAAAAR more money and clients than I did at 12k 

2. HIRE A BUSINESS COACH. Just do it. Someone who specializes in what you do, preferably they have DONE it before. They will teach you so much. 


So I went through this 90 day program with Ross Johnson and Rachel Bell called OCA. They are amazing by the way! I learned how to find my ideal client and create content around them, I learned how to do sales, and I learned mostly how to structure my business. I switched from google docs to a app. I went from charging $50 a month and being terrified of sales to closing almost everyone of my leads at $300/month.

I learned that money is just energy. When a client pays you more, you will BOTH show up better. 

I want to share with you some very simple and important resources to grow your business. Don't think too long on little things like a logo/your brand colors, that won't make you money. 

  • Canva (pay for the version) it's $12/month and you can create your brand color kit which gives you the color codes that you can use ANYWHERE and start creating designs! 
  • Mailchimp- email provider grow your email list fast! Create a landing page that says something like "Free workouts" or "Free meal plan" just OFFER something for free that collects their name and email. You now have hot leads, they wanted something from you. Don't sell on your list, just provide more free things! 
  • FB GROUPS- These are soooo over looked. I have been growing mine like crazy this year and have seen the most clients from it. WHY? Because I offer so much value. Free workouts, free grocery lists, meal plans, tips, ETC. Give before you take. 
  • You don't need a website. When you are just starting. I hardly lead anyone to my website because all of my testimonials are on my instagram highlights you can see SOO much more on instagram. 
  • Get on Pinterest Create fun pins that SHOW someone how to do something, again don't use this as a selling point too much. People are usually on pinterest to find something to do/buy. They want that "6 pack ab workout" or the "booty sculptor" advertise a little differently here. I love creating a quick workout pin on Canva and then linking it to my instagram or youtube for the video! 

So flash forward 2 years in business. I have learned A LOT about marketing and sales and I truly believe that's all you need to know in order to succeed. If you cannot afford a business coach, educate yourself. Buy books or go to your library. Get comfortable with money, positioning yourself as a professional, and selling. 

Some of my favorite books are:

  • You are a badass at making money- Jen Sincero
  • Rich Dad, Poor Dad- Robert Kiyosaki 
  • The Pumpkin Plan- Mike Michalowicz (Read first)
  • Profit First- Mike Michalowicz (Read after Pumpkin Plan) 
  • The 10X Rule-Grant Cardone 
  • Sell or Be Sold- Grant Cardone 
  • The Power of Habit- Charles Duhigg 

I could keep going on but that will be a good starter point! 

Once you learn how to build relationships and GIVE then you'll have people lining up for your coaching. 

I also recommend creating ONE program, something you can keep building. Don't confuse people with all these different challenges/guides/coaching/etc. 

My coaching is always 90 days no matter what because that is a good enough time frame to get my clients their desired outcome + build healthy habits. 

Creating and running your own business is HARD. I work more than ever, I am "always on the clock" and sometimes you go days maybe even weeks without pay. But then some days you make more than you would all month at a 9-5. It's a rollercoaster for sure! It can be very rewarding and teach you a lot about growth. 

I spend the majority of my time at home with my dogs tending to my clients and working on new projects. I really do have a "entrepreneurship brain" because it seems like every day I have something new I want to build. I have finally built the systems to where I have doubled my monthly income from when I worked 9-5. While I was on vacation all week in Mexico I got paid every day. Every single one of my clients sees results. My business is thriving, but it took a very long time to get there. 


I am 25 years old and I have worked 34 jobs. Working a lot and hard is something I learned from my dad. Just because I get to do my work from my bed in PJ's does not mean it's easy I am not lucky or blessed to be where I am.

I worked HARD for this and continue to do so every day. 

My advice for you is to just do it. Whatever has been on your mind, start it and work at it every day. It'll be a slow process and I promise you it will be very hard and emotional, but it'll be so worth it!  

And if you need any help I highly suggest my good friend's program, you can watch her free masterclass below on how to make your first $10k.

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