How Audrey Went From Being Intimidated By The Gym, TO A Gym Pro!

"I didn't even know how to turn on the treadmill and now I can walk in a gym with confidence" 

Audrey came to me back in March 2019, she wanted to make a change but didn't know where to start! Like many she had never been in a gym and the thought of going in without a plan scared her! 


So I set her up on my app. I gave her a schedule to follow that fit into her lifestyle (a mom of two working full time along with coaching her daughter's sports) She's MORE than busy, but she was eager. 

Each exercise has a video tutorial on the app on her phone. They are quick videos showing proper movement of the exercise with a voice over explaining important form cues. This helped Audrey tremendously! No more staring at a machine wondering "how the heck do I use this!?" or reading a plan and wondering/googling "how to do a deadlift" 

Everything was laid out for her, making it so easy and simple. All she had to do was show up.

For Audrey's meal plan we followed flexible dieting through tracking her macros. This gave her the flexibility to go on date nights with her boyfriend or make meals for everyone and not have to eat something entirely different. (If you make food for your spouse/kids you understand how exhausting it can be to have to make separate meals constantly!) 

Audrey ate more than ever, with her maintenance calories over the winter being at 1800. 

Within 2 months from March-May she had dropped 20lbs. 

*I have obtained permission to use name/pictures*

You can see Audrey was never over weight! She just wanted to feel confident in the gym + in her own skin. She just didn't know where to start! I've helped Audrey and hundreds of other women learn how to use the gym + build a body they LOVE! 

My goal for 2020 is to help 1,000 women make themself/their health a priority + fall back in love with their body! 

Are you going to be my next transformation story? 

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